This time of year sees our switchboard light up with inquiries from the public asking the BCSARA office when their tax receipt for their donation, solicited by telephone, will be arriving.

BCSARA wants to remind the public that we DO NOT seek donations via telephone solicitations.  In fact, none of the BCSARA affiliated SAR Groups working with Emergency Management BC solicit for donations using telemarketers.

Our Association does accept donations for our own use and on behalf of our recognized SAR Groups using three methods:

  1. Direct contact with our office
  2. Via Canada Helps
  3. Via the Vancouver Foundation

Donations received by BCSARA that are collected on behalf of our recognized SAR Groups are transferred in their entirety to the specific SAR Group.  If you have made a donation to BCSARA via the above avenues, you should have already received your tax receipts in order to complete your 2014 tax return.

BCSARA recommends that anyone who is contacted by an organization seeking funding for Search and Rescue, question the caller as to the organization’s name and charity registration number. Should a member of the public have concerns, or not received tax receipts for any funding sent, they should contact the Canada Revenue Agency at:

Phone:    1-800-267-2384
Fax:      613-954-8037
Address:  Charities Directorate
          Canada Revenue Agency
          Ottawa, ON
          K1A 0L5