The members of the BCSARA Board have received numerous requests from the SAR community requesting a copy of the Alternative Funding Model for Search and Rescue in B.C. discussion paper recently submitted to the Minister of Justice. The document has now been posted to the BCSARA website. While the discussions with the Province take place the BCSARA Board will endeavour to keep the SAR community informed. This is a complex issue but working cooperatively we are optimistic that positive changes to reduce the administrative and fund raising burden on volunteers will happen.

The Board listened to all volunteers and agencies across B.C. in drafting the discussion paper.  We continue to recognize that the scale and scope of SAR in B.C. is demanding, requiring a cooperative approach to address issues.  Our intent is to properly support the current model, and allow it to evolve. We recognize that SAR volunteers are passionate, we respect that opinions may vary and we will continue to find ways to support the SAR volunteers, as should the public.

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