Critical Incident Stress Management

Mental Health For Volunteers

The BC Search and Rescue Association operates the largest all-volunteer critical incident support network in North America. We provide peer support, post-incident debriefing and resiliency resources to help our SAR volunteers deal with the stresses experienced during Search and Rescue operations.

What Is A Critical Incident?

Critical Incidents are powerful events that can potentially create a significant and strong physiological response at the time of the incident or at a later time.

Critical Incident Stress

Critical Incident Stress is a common reaction to abnormal events. SAR Volunteers are exposed to this stress as a part of their work. Learn more about critical incident stress.

Stress Management (CISM)

The Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) program delivers services to help SAR volunteers deal with critical incident stress. Learn about these tools and techniques here.

COVID-19 Impacts to the BCSARA CISM Program

Not All Wounds Are Visible

CISM News Updates


P.O. Box 2176
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For Emergencies, Call 911 or
1-800-663-3456 (Satelite Phone)

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