Outdoor Education

Be AdventureSmart.


Know Before You Go!

Trip safety can mean the difference between a successful outcome and becoming a statistic in the outdoors. Whether summer or winter on land or water, remember the Three Ts. Be AdventureSmart, make a plan and leave a plan!

Does anyone know where you are going and when you expect to return? Leave a plan.

Obtain the knowledge and skills you need before heading out. Know and stay within your limits.

Always carry the essentials and know how to use them. Do you know the survival items you need?

In An Emergency…

Don’t Panic

Stay calm and maintain a positive attitude.


Rembember to Stop, Think, Observe, and Plan.

Stay Put

It reduces time and search area for the authorities looking for you.

Seek Shelter

Protect yourself from the elements by staying warm and dry.

Signal For Help

Think BIG, think CONTRAST, think 3s.

Use whistle blasts x 3, mirror flashes x 3, horn blasts x 3, signal fires x 3 or rock piles x 3 to signal distress.

Create a ground-to-air symbol by making the letter “V” or “SOS”, at least 3 meters in length.


Stop. Think. Observe. Plan.

Then Act!

Who & When To Call In An Emergency

Call 911

If you need help in the mountains, your FIRST ACTION should be to call 911. Let authorities know you need rescue. The 911 operator will dispatch the RCMP and they will request Search and Rescue.

Cell Towers

When your phone makes an emergency 911 call, it will connect with any cell tower in range, even if it is not from your network provider. Therefore, a 911 call may go through even if you are not able to get cell reception.

GPS Reading

Learn how to obtain your smart phone’s GPS reading and ensure your location services are turned on. During the 911 call, you can relay these coordinates to the operator, who will then pass it on to search crews.

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For Emergencies, Call 911 or
1-800-663-3456 (Satelite Phone)

News Alerts

It is important to maintain perspective regarding SAR tasks, especially when the outcome is less than ideal.  The situation that led to the callout was not your doing, so don't own it. Own what's yours which is the assigned task, and take pride in how you and your team performed.


Hiker left July 7,
Hiker didn’t return July 9,
Hiker found July 22!

Found by the @BCGovFireInfo 👏🏾

Thx @SquamishSAR & 100 BCSAR volunteers from the area that provided mutual aid & support during this search.

Check out the Fairwind’s Passion magazine article by Jen Groundwater entitled “At Your Service: Professional Volunteers" https://t.co/J1UIx1CY0T. The five minute read highlights Arrowsmith Search and Rescue's history and our dedicated team! #asar #bcsara #fairwindsliveyourpassion

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