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Search & Rescue

Our Goal Is To Save Lives

BCSARA Official Position Statement

The British Columbia Search and Rescue Association (BCSARA) and its member search and rescue groups do not believe in charging anyone for search or rescue in the province of BC, regardless of the reason they have found themselves requiring assistance.

BCSARA believes that the belief that a lost or injured person or their loved ones will be charged for a search and rescue response could directly affect the decision as to if or when a call for professional help will be made. It is BCSARA’s position that any delay in the deployment of Search and Rescue (SAR) services can negatively impact in the successful outcome of a SAR mission.

There are over 1500 responses in BC each year; from urban searches for people with dementia, wilderness searches for people who become lost on hikes, to backcountry rescues using technical expertise and equipment. At all times, the moral obligation to respond takes precedence over any thought of charging for the response. BCSARA member SAR groups will conduct search and rescue missions when requested to do so by the authorized requesting agencies without charge and regardless of the reason for assistance.

The governing body of the BCSARA consists of 16 elected volunteer representatives from the BC SAR community and one representative from each of the partnering agencies – RCMP, Municipal Police, Emergency Management BC, BC Ambulance and Fire.

The goal of our member SAR groups is to save lives.

From the Board of the BC Search and Rescue Association
April 2021


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Sidney BC
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For Emergencies, Call 911 or
1-800-663-3456 (Satelite Phone)

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@campbell_r_SAR @BCSARAssoc ⛺️Emergency Shelter ⛺️
Always bring an emergency shelter. These can also be used as signalling devices and can be very useful in creating a makeshift shelter to keep a person dry.

If you see us this summer @ a trailhead, swing by & grab one!

Helicopter landing pads are no place for a picnic!
These are active aircraft landings for emergencies and must remain vacant at all times. For your safety and ours, please stay off of helicopter landings pads during your summer hikes.
Have a safe #BCDay long weekend. #StaySafe

How are your shelter building skills? What do you put in your pack to make a shelter in an emergency? BC AdventureSmart British Columbia Search and Rescue Association @BCSARAssoc @BCAdvSmart

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