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Volunteering With BC Search & Rescue

Recruiting volunteers for Ground Search and Rescue (GSAR) is the responsibility of each GSAR group. The need for new members is constant but varies from group to group.

What Are GSAR Groups Looking For?

GSAR volunteers come from all walks of society and are very welcoming.

Each group is individual and has their own requirements depending upon the volume and types of searches and rescues.

Generally speaking GSAR groups looks for individuals who have:

  • Outdoor experience and recreate themselves in the outdoors
  • Time commitment for both training and searches and rescues

Other Search & Rescue Support

GSAR groups also need support beyond just searching and rescuing.

They might need administrative support, IT support, database management, accounting and recording minutes for meetings. It takes a lot of effort to ensure a group is ready when the call comes.

If you think you might have skills beyond carrying a backpack up a mountain, why not reach out and see of your local group could use your skills.

How To Volunteer

Select the GSAR group closest to you and contact them directly to determine their recruitment cycle and requirements.


P.O. Box 2176
Sidney BC
V8L 3S6

For Emergencies, Call 911 or
1-800-663-3456 (Satelite Phone)

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