As a result of recent media surrounding the BCSARA Funding Model Discussion Paper, we wanted to stress the following points in hopes of clarifying the purpose of the paper:

The BCSARA Funding Model Discussion Paper does not advocate for surcharges or other sources of funding.  Its focus is a different approach to administrating and the flow of funds.  Surcharges and other sources are described based on previous papers and discussions.

The BC Search and Rescue Advisory Committee, which preceded the BC Search and Rescue Association, was formed in 1989 by the province to provide advise on SAR matters, and in 2002, the province requested the Advisory Committee to form a Society to access additional funds for SAR and to continue advising on SAR matters.  The BCSARA Funding Model Discussion Paper is consistent with the Advisory Function of the Association.

The BCSARA Funding Model Discussion Paper is based in part on past studies and proposals, including a version that was presented to Government in 2009/2010.  This current paper provides an evidence-based level of funding and costs to the model.  The approach of the discussion paper is to get the organizations to focus talks on a specific subject, using the described model as a starting point.  We stress that no decisions have been made, and we recognize that this is a complex subject that still requires significant hard work involving all SAR stakeholders.

Evidence based research, engaging BC SAR Groups and Stakeholders, has been conducted on several occasions over the last decade (and later), including:

It is our goal to keep the SAR Community informed on any progress and directions that unfold.