BC SAR crew heads to Australia to assist finding an Ontario man

A BC search and rescue team is heading to Australia to help find a Brampton, Ontario man who went missing six months ago.

The 18-member crew were specially picked by the missing man’s family for its skills and training.

“Technical planning, scientific planning combining probability and mathematics to try and improve the success of our search within the areas,” explains Martin Colwell with Vancouver-based SAR Technology. “Wonderful, very well trained searchers, they’ve been trained through the government programs here through Emergency Management BC and the Justice Institute. So they are highly trained, highly qualified and I think they’ll provide stellar performance in Australia.”

Twenty-five-year-old Prabhdeep Srawn was on a simple day hike in the Alps of New South Whales when the first of winter storms came in. The entire area was completely whited out and he hasn’t been seen since