sarvacTerry Yahn, Executive Director of the SAR Volunteer Association of Canada has announced the public review stage of the “GSAR Core Competency Standard” for public review.

BCSARA encourages all of our members and/or  groups to review this document and provide feedback.

From the CSA Group:


Public Review of CSA Draft Standard Z1620

Core Competency Standard for Ground Search and Rescue Operations:

Searcher, Team Leader and SAR Manager (1st edition)

CSA is pleased to announce that the draft of the new Standard Z1620 Core Competency Standard for Ground Search and Rescue Operations: Searcher, Team Leader and SAR Manager(1st edition) is available for public review and comment.

The Standard provides core competency requirements for Ground Search and Rescue (GSAR) Operations for the three disciplines of Searcher, Team Leader and SAR Manager. The purpose in developing this standard is to develop a foundation for interoperability and portability of GSAR skills within Canada. The standard will facilitate training curriculum development and professional development planning so that competence is maintained and enhanced. The Standard is an important tool for documenting and communicating the knowledge, skills and abilities for those involved in Ground Search and Rescue Operations and as well to evaluate performance. It provides reference tool for multiple stakeholders and presents a starting point for meaningful discussion about the future direction of GSAR in Canada.

To view the draft please visit the “Public Review” section on CSA’s Web Site:

When you click on the link you will need to register and create a password. You will then be able to review the draft online and submit comments for each section of the standard.

Note: It is important to provide the rationale for your comments (i.e. to support any changes / additions / deletions that you propose).

The closing date to receive comments on the draft is October 27, 2014.

Please contact me if you have any questions about this Public Review or if you are having any difficulty accessing the draft online or have trouble submitting comments.


Ron Meyers,ProjectManager


CSA Group

Tel: 416-747-2496


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