During a meeting on September 10 representatives from BCSARA and Emergency Management B.C. continued to develop a approach towards an alternative Funding model for Search and Rescue in B.C. based on the discussion paper presented to the Minister of Justice in November 2013. Additional expertise from other ministries and organizations will be sought, given the proposed model is a major shift requiring approval across government. While work continues towards a new overall model to ease the burden on SAR groups and volunteers associated with funding and administration a joint interest in looking at interim steps was voiced;  additional support for training was discussed as a priority based on feedback form the SAR community during the Levelling the Playing Field forums. BCSARA will be requesting a meeting with the Minister of Justice to re-confirm our commitment and our belief that the proposed model is beneficial to the provision of SAR service and the Province. The Alternative Funding Model discussion paper is available here.

If you have questions regarding this process please direct them to altfunding@bcsara.com.

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