In an effort to promote a safety mindset within our SAR Groups, the SAR Volunteer Joint Health and Safety Committee will be issuing seasonal safety messages.



During interface fires SAR volunteers are often requested to assist in advising residents of alerts and notices, as well as helping with evacuations and other tasks. With the early start to this forest fire season and the potential for interface fires the SAR Volunteer Joint Health and Safety Committee reminds everyone that their safety is of the highest priority. If requested to respond remember:

  1. Keep hydrated and ‘fueled’, adequate water and food is critical
  2. Take appropriate clothing to protect from sun and heat
  3. Use lots of sun screen
  4. If you feel any symptoms of heat exhaustion (fatigue; hot, dry, red skin; fast pulse; headache or dizziness) report it and ask for assistance immediately
  5. Check on other team members for signs of Hyperthermia or fatigue
  6. If you feel unsafe with any assignment stop and inform your Team Leader or Command


Remember, it’s not just the subject that relies on you!

A message from the Search and Rescue Joint Health and Safety Committee,