As you have seen from the recent updates, the Alternate Support Model (“ASM”) consultants report is now being considered by government. Although we cannot be sure of what the details of the final decision will be, BCSARA is confident that some variant of the ASM will be approved in the new budget.

In anticipation of government approval of a variant of the ASM, BCSARA wishes to initiate planning on some of the steps that will be required in both governance and structure to meet the needs of the new model. Accordingly, BCSARA has struck two Committees to examine the issues and plan a smooth transition.

a) The first Committee is a “Roles and Responsibilities” Committee that will examine the relationships between Requesting Agencies, BCSARA, EMBC and certain Working Group Committees that are being recommended by the consultant. This committee has been in place and working for some time, now focusing on the anticipated model going forward.

b) The Second Committee is a “Governance” committee which will look at the internal restructuring of BCSARA itself. With the implementation of new staff positions and funding it is expected that BCSARA will evolve from a strictly “working board” governance model.

BCSARA has several directors who will sit on the Governance Committee but seeks several other members of the SAR community to sit on the Committee to provide a broader perspective, increased experience base, and a larger pool for ideas.

Given that the final decision on the ASM has not yet been made by government it is difficult to estimate how quickly the committee may be required to conclude its deliberations. This Committee will liaise closely with the “Roles and Responsibilities Committee”.

This Committee will require a strong commitment from its members to review submitted research materials, submit their own materials for consideration, participate in multiple telephone and face-to-face meetings, and review/comment upon draft recommendations. Committee members may even be tasked to head sub-committees.

Once formed, the Committee’s first Order of Business will be to draft a Terms of Reference for consideration by the BCSARA Board.

If you are interested in serving upon the Governance Committee please provide a short resume to no later than 4 PM on February 8, 2019. This resume should highlight your knowledge, experience, and training in dealing with non-profit governance, policy governance boards (rather than working boards), and strategic thinking. The existing members of the Committee will select the additional candidates to sit on the Committee.

We thank you in advance for your kind assistance and look forward to your submissions.

Best Regards
Don Blakely
Director at Large – Bylaws