The British Columbia Search and Rescue Association (BCSARA) in partnership with RECCO is pleased to announce the availability of RECCO attachable reflectors on the BCSARA online store  ( RECCO reflectors are built into outdoor clothing and gear available from a multitude of manufacturers, while these attachable reflectors can be attached to helmets, backpacks, belts and other gear to increase the wearer’s searchability.

BCSARA represents the 78 Ground Search and Rescue (GSAR) Groups and the approximately 2,500 unpaid professional members in B.C. who respond to more than 1,700 incidents a year to assist police, ambulance, and other agencies. The BCSARA board consists of 12 elected Regional Directors, executive, and agency representatives to support GSAR Groups through provincial funding, training, Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) and providing advice to government. BCSARA also provides outdoor safety education to all ages through AdventureSmart, a national program developed in B.C.

The RECCO technology has been used by ski hills and search and rescue members for many years using handheld detectors to help locate people buried in avalanches. RECCO has developed a helicopter detector that greatly increases the speed for searching an avalanche and now to assist searches on a year-round basis. British Columbia Search and Rescue can now utilize the helicopter detectors on searches where the lost person is likely wearing a reflector. For more information on the RECCO system please go to .

The RECCO reflectors are passive, no batteries or registration is required. It is important to place the reflectors on gear that will likely be exposed should the wearer be incapacitated. The reflectors are not to take the place of being prepared for the outdoors and the activities being undertaken. When completing a trip plan adding a note that RECCO reflectors are being worn will assist in deployment of that resource.

Make yourself and your loved ones more searchable and support GSAR unpaid professionals by purchasing RECCO attachable reflectors at