Central Fraser Valley Search and Rescue (CFVSAR) has been awarded the 2021 John MacGregor Memorial Award for the extraordinary effort it took to save over 200 lives during the November, 2021 atmospheric storm event that flooded much of the central Fraser valley.

The award was established by John MacGregor Horne, who is named after John MacGregor. The Award memorializes Canada’s most decorated soldier for valour. It also recognizes, in his name, the 3000 professional ground search and rescue volunteers in British Columbia Search and Rescue Association. As MacGregor did as a fearless leader in WW1, these Search and Rescue volunteers who often put themselves in harm’s way to selflessly save souls under extreme and dangerous conditions.

“I am confident he would be pleased and honoured to know the Association has decided to bestow the inaugural John MacGregor Memorial Award on all members of Central Fraser Valley SAR Team and the seven other ground search and rescue groups who performed above and beyond during the devastating flood disaster last fall”, said John Horne, “and I congratulate and thank all of them for their magnificent efforts.”

Chris Mushumanski, President of the British Columbia Search and Rescue Association said, “This was an unprecedented flooding event that made international news. The effort spanned 12 – 12-hour operational periods, involved seven other ground search and rescue groups, all working under the command of CFVSAR while CFVSAR itself was under an evacuation order and had to relocate during the event. The effort of these seven groups clearly demonstrates all the qualities that the John MacGregor Award was set up to recognize.”

The other GSAR groups involved in Abbotsford under CFVSAR’s command were Coquitlam SAR, Ridge Meadows SAR, Mission SAR, Chilliwack SAR, Hope SAR, North Shore Rescue and South Fraser SAR. CFVSAR generously asked that its cash award be shared with these groups who provided mutual aid during a challenging time.


For more information about BCSARA and the award contact Dwight Yochim, Senior Manager at 778-584-5882.